Bad Credit! You can still get a Mortgage?

Bad Credit! Need Mortgage?

99% Mortgage Approval Rate

Even If You Have Bad Credit, Credit Proposal, or Even Bankruptcy, Bank refused

You Can Still Get A Mortgage.

I have 47 Lenders And Many Private Lenders.

2nd Mortgage, Refinance, 95% Equity Financing

Everything is Possible


I have helped many clients like that before. Below are some testimonials from my clients.

How I do it?

I have 47 different lenders plus many private lenders I work with and have a good standing relation with my lenders. I believe every application has a lender willing to give money and a chance to live a better life, so far this is my experience in this business. I work for you as a consultant and present your case to these lenders in a professional manner. I believe every human being on the planet has a right to live a better life. We all make mistakes and learn from our mistakes. No matter who we are, where we work, what is our profile, every human being makes mistakes this is the only way we as humans learn. Mistakes are the process of human learning.

Our lenders also understand this it is just the way how we convince them. That is my job as your mortgage professional to convince the lender on your behalf.



I contacted Amit for my mortgage because my past credit proposal was a black spot on my file. No one was ready to get me the mortgage. I tried many different places before and got same answer but then some body gave me Amit’s reference and he got my mortgage approved. He is not only a good mortgage professional but a very nice human being as well.


I had a credit proposal which I could not pay because of some personal reasons and my file was blacklisted by credit companies and banks. My current mortgage company also refused to refinance my mortgage. Many mortgage professional refused my application and I lost hope. My life was becoming so stressful and I was going under depression.

Amit was more than a help to me he understood my situation and he personally explained the situation to lenders and got me the mortgage approved not only this he did gave me very good tips on how to keep my credit in good shape what things need to be done and what mistakes ruins the credit.

Thanks Amit for helping me and pulling me out from my bad situations.


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