Free Mortgage Pre-Approval ?

Need a Mortgage Pre-Approval?

Free Mortgage Pre-Approval is available for all clients call me if you need one.

My request and expectations is when you are closing your home deal give me the opportunity to serve you for the mortgage.

What is Mortgage Pre-Approval?

When ever some one buys a house from a builder or from a realtor they both need mortgage pre-approvals to finalize the deal of the house. Means they will only firm your offer once they have received a mortgage pre-approval. Most of the times banks reject pre approvals on the basis of low credit score or  low down payment. Majority of  people end up losing their dream home just because bank ruined their pre approval and often people think that if banks have rejected the mortgage they will not get the mortgage. The truth is banks pre-approval criteria is too high and often people don’t get the pre approvals from banks for many other reasons as well. But when people come to me I give them pre-approvals even when their Credit Score is low or low down payment or they are making cash income or if they are self employed. If you fall under any of these categories banks will never give you pre-approval and if they did they will mess up your final closing. Its better to call me before you ruin your credit score shopping around your luck with other banks.

If you have a Mortgage Pre- Approval your house buying experience will be great.


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