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Everyone needs to get a loan every now and then. Some need it for serious business, while others may take a mortgage for a ‘want’ as opposed to a ‘need’. However, getting a mortgage all by yourself is not very easy, and frankly, it will not be the best move either. Whenever you get a mortgage, you will be required to pay interest on the principal amount. And it is by charging this interest that banks make their money. So naturally, they’d want to charge the highest interest rate they could.

However, you don’t have to play by their rules. The best way for any lay person to get the best deal is let someone experienced steer their ship. And we are proud to say that you cannot get anyone better than us. We assure you that with us on your side, you do not have to worry about the interest rates or the daunting process. Just let us handle the wheel, and we’ll get you to the right destination.

Why Choose Us?

True that you can get a mortgage through many agents, however, none of those agents will have the success rate which our agent, Amit Dhingra has. Nor will they guarantee the best mortgage rates in Toronto. It doesn’t matter if you are a well to do person, or are self employed, have a low income, or have a bad credit. Our agent has expertise in a wide array of fields, including the following categories:

  • Lowest Mortgage Rates
  • 2nd Mortgage
  • No Credit
  • Bad Credit
  • 1st Mortgage
  • Bank Refused
  • Self Employed
  • New Immigrant
  • Refinance Up to 95% (Some Conditions Apply)
  • Switch
  • Low Income
  • No Income
  • No Down Payment Mortgage (Some Conditions Apply)

99% Approval Rate: It Doesn’t Get any Better

Getting a mortgage is a big deal, and that’s why we put you in the very best hands. Our agent, Amit Dhingra, is a very competent professional mortgage broker, and our biggest asset. With his Masters in Commerce and sound understanding of the financial industry, Amit is determined to getting his clients only the best mortgage rates in Toronto.

Interest rates keep fluctuating, and getting the best mortgage rates in Toronto is not the easiest of tasks. However, with Amit’s experience, getting a mortgage, and that too at the best rates in Toronto, your loan is all yours. Our great agent has a 99% approval rate, and that alone speaks volumes of his success and the service he provides.

Not only does Amit secure you a mortgage at the best rate in Toronto that you can get, he also understands the need for his clients to understand how does interest rates work in Canada, and goes out of his way explain compound interest rate which is adopted in Canada, and the difference between various interest rates which the client could opt for with regards to their mortgages, for example, variable mortgage rates.

Why Wait? Contact Us!

Want to get a mortgage for something? You really shouldn’t have to wait for it. And that is why we are here to assist you at all times. To avail our services, you can call us at 647-622-6564, or contact our agent through internet at his email id: